Design Philosophy

Interior design is more than the simple making of a room, it is the result of an intimate collaboration between designer and client.It is not about trend but about who you are and how that is reflected in your surroundings.

Areas of Specialty

Space Planning, Decor Setup, Color & Finish Consulting, Floor Plan Development, Bathroom and Kitchen Design, Furniture & Material Selection, Kid-Friendly Design, Pet-Friendly Design, Project Management, Product Sourcing & Procurement, Art Selection.

Professional Bio

Vincenza Pennino Ronan, Interior Designer and Principal at VPR Interior Decor work with you to create a home that reflects your individual personality and lifestyle. An Italian native, Vincenza studied Art and Architecture in Palermo, Italy.She launched VPR Interior Decor in 2011 with the goal of creating homes that reflects the individual personality and lifestyle. Vincenza finds design inspiration from her international travels, including trips to Europe and most recently her native Italy.





Vincenza, without a doubt, has been an absolute dream to work with. Her attention to detail is unmatched and she has the the uncanny ability to understand your style within a few minutes of meeting with you. To preface, I always wanted to hire a designer to help me with furnishing my mid-century/retro/atomic apartment but did know know how to go about it. I was continually struggling with the pieces that I had in my place as I could never get them to "fit" right. With any new addition, the frustration ensued. Then I found Vincenza. She carefully walked me through (in person!) what I had, some ideas for my room and presented a plan for next steps. Now my apartment looks so cool! She is extremely punctual with communication, her designs are top notch and she can easily work with any budget. If you want to take your space to the next level, do yourself a favor and hire Vincenza


-- Eric M.

Vpr interior ( Vincenza) was very professional and very flexible and helpful for my design needs. She was very patient , polite and timely for all appointments and design deadlines. She was willing to work with my style and budget. The end results was a full design printed out of my house layout and where all the items picked out should go. She also listed where to buy them on-line. If you don't want a full design board she is available for hourly consultations; which I found very helpful.I highly recommend her services.


-- Vanessa W. 

My boyfriend and I hired Vincenza to help us design our first place together. It's a studio apartment so space is limited and we wanted it to be stylish, functional and have plenty of storage, since not a lot was already provided. Vincenza was wonderful at listening to our ideas, and worked in a timely manner, meeting with us at least once a week to go over ideas and make sure that we were happy with the overall vision throughout every stage. She provided us with a lot of options/concepts for our home, and was very open to our needs and wants as well. She created a Google Drive folder, where we could all post pictures of items that we liked and were able to comment on them, which really helped us decide on furniture pieces faster, and allowed us to see how everything would look together, before we purchased anything. In addition, she was also respectful of our budget, by finding items at stores or websites that were both stylish and affordable. 

Overall, Vincenza has great vision and direction. She is very talented, and has an eye for both the small details, and the bigger picture. Her hand drawn sketches are also spectacular and are a great visual aid, especially if you have trouble envisioning how a space will look once it's completed. I'm so pleased with the work she has done for us, and I love how our place looks. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create/reinvent their home, whether it's one space in particular or all of them!


-- Clare C.

Working with Vincenza has been a great experience! My husband and I had heard how expensive interior designers were, and how they often just go buy items based on your style. Vincenza, however, has been very affordable, and she only purchases items when we specifically decide that's best. She's been very flexible in that way - she does whatever works best for us. We love that she'll take over when we really don't have a clue, but when we're pretty set on something, she makes it work (unless, in her expert opinion, it really won't work or fit in). We've been really happy that at times, she has had to tell us that some of our choices might not look best, but she then offers alternatives. I think if you need a lot of direction, or just a little, Vinny has a great eye and can work with anyone. We absolutely love the way everything has come together, and we truly could never have done it on our own! Finally, Vincenza has also been very flexible with timing, as we really can't meet before 7 on most days. 100% recommend!


-- Emily E.

Vincenza helped me remodel my guest room with the limited space that was available. During our consultation, I expressed some ideas I had in mind with colors and style, and she was able to suggest very creative concepts. She recommended great ideas for furniture and home decor and stayed within my budget. I loved how it turned out! The room looks so bright and welcoming with a contemporary feel. She was reliable and met all the deadlines that we discussed. I will definitely be in contact with Vincenza again to remodel the rest of my house in the near future and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a fun, reliable, and creative interior designer with impeccable taste!


-- Ketti D.

Vincenza was fantastic - she was very creative and made the best of my limited budget. She managed the process very efficiently: the remodel was ready on time, and every interaction was pleasant and productive. I am very happy with the final result as all her suggestions were spot on. She turned a dated, old-fashioned house into a welcoming, modern home.I would highly recommend her!


--Elisabetta G.


We moved into a new house, and wanted to make it feel like home and Vincenza worked with us during the renovation of the kitchen in our new house in Pacific Heights. Her help was fundamental to streamline the ideas, to optimize the time and to follow the proceedings. Vincenza was great to work with, and has a great process for selecting with us suppliers and evaluated projects and estimate. Her approach was very flexible and pragmatic, giving us a range of choices for each materials and helped us find a good compromise between quality and price, she provided us with options that made us feel very much like we were part of the process. We loved Vincenza for her punctuality and professional work. She has a great eye too and we were very happy with how the project turned out. We would not hesitate to hire her in the future for bigger projects.We highly recommend her. She’s fast, creative, and professional!


-- Barbara M.

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